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  • Associato CDO
  • ISO 9001
  • Marchio ACCREDIA Organizzazioni certificate
  • File UL Nr. E475840
  • Confartigianato Donne Impresa
  • Confartigianato Piemonte Imprese


SAFE TRASFORMATORI SRL who has been operating on the domestic and international markets for over thirty years, represents a significant and serious production company in the field of dry type electrical transformers and electrical winding.

The experience gained over the years allows us to reach an effective technical production capacity, able to offer the design and the manufacturing of dry type machines to be used in various application fields, and special constructions based on specific customer requirements.


SAFE was established by Tullio Salsa in 1978. Tullio Salsa started his experience at Siemens in 1966. In 1968 he joined Elettromeccanica Verbano, where he worked until 1972. Afterwards, he was nominated CEO of Uniontrafo and stayed with the company until 1978, when he established SAFE.

In 2012, Paola e Roberta Salsa are appointed in the company's management...


SAFE TRASFORMATORI S.r.l. has always been focused on quality in any aspect of the production process: from the designing to the engineering & production, up to the final testing. As evidence of our commitment to quality, the Company has obtained the Certification of the Quality System in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 norms in 2013. We have recently achieved the Certification in compliance with the new norm ISO 9001:2015 (August 2016). In 2015, the Company achieved the Certification of the Electrical Insulation Systems in accordance with UL 1446/CSA C22.2, American and Canadian standards.

These certifications have increased the internal competences and, the opportunities to operate in an international context.


Via Mandello Vitta, 32
28060 Casaleggio (NO) Italy
P.I./C.F.: 00499350031
Tel/fax: +39 0321 1828 028